inspiring a new generation of engineers

Companies that understand and respond to the needs of career starters stand a good chance of attracting the best of the bunch. Every generation is subject to different and distinct political and media influences, and so too, each new wave of

In South Carolina, a local Arts Center is leading the way by popularizing STEM and STEAM careers among today’s youth. The small town of Greenwood, South Carolina, is known for its position right on Lake Greenwood in the Lakelands area of

Professor Sheryl Sorby tackles how to recruit women for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers while detailing her past struggles Sheryl Sorby, PH.D., is a 2013 Fulbright Scholar Awardee, a professor of STEM Education at Ohio State University, a professor emerita

The Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition is a breathtaking adventure – while also raising money for charity projects. The northernmost rally on earth is more than just a 7,500 km tour through 10 countries, including Finland and Estonia. In fact, it

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