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Although nobody likes to talk about it, it is by no means unusual to experience stress at work. It’s a problem that now affects one in every three people. While the incidence of mental illness is not increasing, related absences are.

How One person, one act, and one word at a time bring about change. Melinda Epler is a force within the tech industry, using her background in storytelling and large-scale cultural shifts to strategically advise tech companies and governments around the

If you search “engineering podcasts” in the iTunes Store, you can spend hours poring over the episode descriptions before settling on a series you think, or at least hope, will fit your interests. The Advancing Women Engineers team has compiled

Improving production means supporting staff with targeted coaching. The continuous improvement process is the bedrock of lean production methods, so it’s naturally part and parcel of associated discussions. However, as demonstrated in the first part of item’s KATA series, it is

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