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Groundbreakers and Glass Ceiling Breakers. Trendsetters and Boundary Pushers. The Advancing Women Engineers initiative aims to feature programs, events, and people that are constantly pushing the envelope and encouraging the development of women in both engineering and STEM careers as

2019 marks the centenary of India’s first female electrical engineer. Mrs. Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha BEng, MIEE was born in Chennai, India in 1919. At the age of 15 she was married and three years later, her daughter Syamala entered the world.

From October ninth to eleventh, Leon Mexico played host to a plethora of leaders, innovators, and creators from across the manufacturing industry, gathered for Industrial Transformation Mexico 2019. The common thread across every event: preparing for Industry 4.0. What is Industry

When item Engineer Bob Price’s wife came to him with a request, it provided an opportunity to push boundaries and get creative with solutions. item Engineer Bob Price had a problem. Actually, his wife had the problem. As a high school

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