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International Women in Engineering Day is June 23rd!

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is a special day during which women engineers celebrate their achievements!

June 23rd marks International Women in Engineering Day. Did you know that since 1982, women have earned almost 10 million more college degrees than men? But even though women are earning more degrees, a 2018 survey revealed that only 15% of engineers are women. Celebrating women’s achievements in a traditionally man-dominated field reminds all of us how rewarding our work is. It gives us an opportunity to show off our careers, interests, and achievements.

Since recognizing women in engineering, the field is becoming more popular. More and more women have entered engineering disciplines as they have been inspired by the women who were pioneers in the engineering field before them. The ultimate goal is to have an equal representation of people from all walks of life working in STEM roles.

Having equal representation matters a lot! This is especially true in jobs that are meant to make our lives better. It’s very important to have people from different genders and cultures in every field, including the engineering field. People from different backgrounds bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. Artificial intelligence or AI is one of many fields which requires diversity. If we only have one group of people designing the technology, it may only benefit the people who look like them, make the same amount of money, live in the same types of homes or neighborhoods, or go to the same types of schools. If we have a diverse group of people designing the technology, then it will likely benefit many, many more people.

Historically, women have been bringing their skills to the table. Women are naturally curious and brilliant. Over the years, they have broken stereotypes and pursued their dreams. They have made ground-breaking discoveries in their fields. Without their work, many of the things we enjoy today may not exist. That is why we celebrate this holiday, so the women of yesterday and today can inspire the women of tomorrow.


Note: This article was originally published by the Society of Women Engineers. Discover the original, and support SWE here!

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