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Our mission at AWE is to serve as an industry resource focused on inspiring a new generation of engineers by sharing stories and connecting people. item, the innovator behind AWE, is equally dedicated to advancing the field of engineering as

Budding engineers from Germany are gearing up for the world’s toughest solar vehicle race. The Stuart Highway is one of a kind, spanning almost 2700 kilometers from Darwin in the north of Australia all the way to Port Augusta on the

A former astronaut, Ellen Ochoa made history in 1993 when she became the first Hispanic American woman in space. Her accomplishment is one that she hopes young women and minorities will cling to and realize they have the ability to

It’s no secret that lean manufacturing techniques can make a dramatic impact in helping companies streamline processes, minimize costs and increase productivity. However, many decision makers in office environments have yet to see that these concepts can also be beneficial

Free and accessible round the clock, podcasts offer in-depth and carefully prepared content – including about mechanical engineering. Since you can listen to them any time, any place, podcasts are essentially an extension of the conventional radio format – and an

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s annual count, homelessness has increased 36% from last year in the San Fernando Valley. Twelve girls in a local high school wanted to help the homeless population but knew they didn’t have

At an early age, Sasha Ariel Alston became interested in learning to code. However, she quickly realized there were never many girls — especially African Americans — interested in learning to code as well. Her early observations quickly led her

How a custom-built solution is helping a physically impaired employee at BMW to work with ease. Only too aware that practical experience is what matters most, the BMW Group offers a specially developed training concept dubbed “TaLEnt” (short for

Lean production can take many forms, from better designed racks and factory equipment to something as simple as moving a trash can. The overall goal is to streamline production processes and increase profits all while enhancing employee engagement. This approach

The IMAX documentary “Dream Big” achieves the important purpose of making engineering appealing and cool. The producers wanted to inspire those who might not otherwise consider careers in engineering. The goal of the filmmakers is to show the film on