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Tips and Tricks to Land Your Resume at the Top of an Applicant Pool Have you analyzed your resume lately? Whether you're a student pursuing your first engineering experience or a seasoned engineer pursuing new opportunities, AWE wants to help you

Early struggles and a passion for engineering inspired Kiarna Broomhead to show other students the possibilities of STEM. Of the 950 students enrolled in an undergraduate engineering program at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus, 115 are female. Of the 115 female

How two key performance features of cutting-edge industrial work benches complement each other perfectly thanks to compatible interfaces. Even in this age of work process automation, manual assembly remains one of the main keys to efficient production flows in many industries.

SpaceX Capsule Arrives at ISS, Launching ‘A New Era’ Humans have entered SpaceX's Crew Dragon while in orbit for the first time; just hours after the commercial spacecraft docked at the International Space Station on the morning of Sunday, March 3,

There are many great stories of underdogs rising in the tech industry. But sometimes, women and minorities are left underrepresented in these stories despite having to overcome many obstacles. Below we celebrate several stories of challenges faced and overcome by

This great adventure started in 1888, two years after Carl Benz invented the automobile (although it was really more of a motorized carriage). His wife Bertha decided to take on the challenge of driving it on its first long-distance trip

Omega Torres, a sales engineer for Nexon Automation, has always known she wanted to enter into the engineering field due to her love of science, math and the productive process. “I started in internal sales and have worked in several

It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Bridge was and still is an architectural marvel. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and is recognized not only as a landmark for New York City, but for

While it may be true that manufacturing hasn’t always been a female-friendly career path, many strides have been made to ensure this industry is inclusive for everyone and encourages women to consider manufacturing as a career. Organizations like Women in

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