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Budding engineers from Germany are gearing up for the world’s toughest solar vehicle race. The Stuart Highway is one of a kind, spanning almost 2700 kilometers from Darwin in the north of Australia all the way to Port Augusta on the

Running race in San Luis Potosí, MX raises money and offers participants a chance to win a car! Juntos una experiencia compartida (A.C.) is a non-profit organization located in Mexico that strives to improve the quality of people with disabilities by

With the whole year ahead of us, now is the perfect time to look at the mechanical engineering trends for 2019. 2018, much like the years before it, left its mark on the entire mechanical engineering sector. Data protection was certainly

Why there’s no avoiding the digital revolution in mechanical engineering. There are famous examples of companies that didn’t recognize the sign of the times and let digitalization pass them by. One of the most frequently cited cases – because it is

Since March 2018, a dozen female scientists in Kyrgyzstan have been working with computers, 3-D printers and soldering irons to build and launch the country’s first satellite before the year 2020. Their aim is to “reach for the stars” by

The world’s largest 360° display in the world’s largest car delivery centre – and item is at the heart of it all. Germany has always been a nation of fervent car lovers. This fascination for vehicles is clearly illustrated by the

The "cubes” were the centre of attention at the Solingen Güterhallenfest art festival. Ten cubic frames built with item profiles were created to frame the artists’ installations. For more than ten years now, the art festival known as “Güterhallenfest” has been

A group of 1,000 women in science from around the globe will travel to Earth’s southernmost continent to gather research, influence environmental policy and make their voices heard in the face of climate change as part of the Homeward Bound

Industry 4.0 is the talk of the town. However, it's all too easy to lose sight of what the fourth industrial revolution means for ergonomics in the workplace. The fact these two issues are closely intertwined is difficult to dismiss.

Fabiola Calderón, industrial designer at item Oeste in Mexico, believes that attitudes passed on to children early in their lives have a big impact on the career choices they make later in life. "As children, boys are taught that tools are