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The launch of the Human Capital Project has galvanized global action to close human capital gaps, and has highlighted the importance of investments in the knowledge, skills, and health that people accumulate throughout their lives, to realize their potential as

We’ve all heard about gender inequality in tech. Women simply aren’t thriving in one of the most promising fields in the United States — and not for lack of talent. And here’s the truth: It’s not solely a problem for

Jessica Watkins was selected by NASA to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class. Having now completed the initial astronaut candidate training, she is eligible for a mission assignment. How did this Colorado native go from the state known for being

For the first time in the event’s history, the Broadcom MASTERS® National STEM Competition saw all top five prizes awarded to girls. 2,348 eligible participants in all saw the best of the best rise to the occasion, and the five

In October of 2019, the Advancing Women Engineers team attended Industrial Transformation Mexico, a Hannover Messe event. A major focus of the event was preparation for “Industry 4.0.” This global movement to prepare for the next advancements in the manufacturing

For more than six decades, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has provided female engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry. This year, they’ve analyzed data from the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA to determine

According to the Harvard Business Review, STEM degrees are among the most lucrative post-graduation but the gender disparity of students obtaining these degrees sees that it’s about 60% male and 40% female. These numbers are even closer when PhD level

The Advancing Women Engineers team is thrilled to have had a wonderful 2019 with the opportunity to meet and work with new and innovative individuals, many of whom were featured on our website. The AWE team aims to feature people,

When Daniela Cortes went back to school to study mechanical engineering, she heard a rumor that her male classmates had established a bet that she would be the first to drop out of their program. Her response? To kick her

The University of Connecticut was recently recognizing for its efforts in fostering diversity and inclusion, according to a “Top 20 Universities” list released by Woman Engineer Magazine. The ranking, determined by the magazine’s survey of 135,205 women engineering students and professionals,