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When it comes to the ease and accessibility provided by the item Engineeringtool, you can take the word of these real item clients who have explained why they swear by the digital engineering tool. “Of course, the Engineeringtool is really good,

If you’re a returning reader of Advancing Women Engineers, you may remember our stories featuring US Astronaut Jessica Meir, Ph.D., and former astronaut Ellen Ochoa. These pioneers have explored the “final frontier” of space and were groundbreakers in their field

How do you make the power of innovation accessible to new audiences? Engineer and artist Ayah Bdeir is a self-professed “big fan of the concrete block” due to the ability to build things that were “larger than us, buildings, bridges,

In state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing, modularity and versatility are increasingly important factors when it comes to planning and implementing material supply trolleys for intralogistics. If you observe the Audi site in Neckarsulm, Germany, where the Audi A8 is manufactured over several

From Germany to the Great Wall of China and Shanghai, then back home again. 2019 was not just a globetrotting year for the Advancing Women Engineers team. Let’s take a look at the innovation and developments made by item, the power

It’s not an earth-shattering newsflash to hear that women are outnumbered in STEM fields by their male counterparts. Progress is being made to increase enrollment and retention of female students in these programs, however, and there are increasingly more and

According to the Harvard Business Review, STEM degrees are among the most lucrative post-graduation but the gender disparity of students obtaining these degrees sees that it’s about 60% male and 40% female. These numbers are even closer when PhD level

In 2012, Rashma Saujani took a chance and entered the New York City congressional race. Coveted endorsements from NYC publications and television networks boosted her national profile. The pollsters called her crazy and said she stood no chance to win,

It’s difficult to break bad handwriting habits once you’re older. What can we do about it? Handwriting doesn’t enjoy the same status as it once did. Back in the day, you would pull out your pen and notebook but now smartphones,

Although nobody likes to talk about it, it is by no means unusual to experience stress at work. It’s a problem that now affects one in every three people. While the incidence of mental illness is not increasing, related absences are.