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Exploring the Engineeringtool: Real Testimonials from Real Users


When it comes to the ease and accessibility provided by the item Engineeringtool, you can take the word of these real item clients who have explained why they swear by the digital engineering tool.

“Of course, the Engineeringtool is really good, it allows you to create a basic structure of the design you have in mind” said one user in the automotive industry in Mexico. “It’s practical, and you do not require a previous training to use it. The option you have for saving your design in the cloud is very good. In general, the Engineeringtool is really useful and I think it is the first step before starting a project.” This user particularly appreciated the collaborative capabilities of the Engineeringtool, which is handy for his organization as it allows individuals based in different offices to work together on a project.

Design Goes Digital

What else do real users of the item Engineeringtool have to say about the power that comes with digital engineering on your computer? “It is a good support and it is an education development for our associates,” said one user. This particular user works with a training center, and cited the opportunity for changes that comes with Engineeringtool use. “[the associates] can do the designs ‘on paper’ before doing these physically.”

item Experts Enjoy Engineeringtool

Even the item Experts themselves have incorporated Engineeringtool into their day-to-day work. Miles Vazquez, a Sales Account Manager with item Southeast, explained “that it’s customized to our product, and what the product is capable of.” Even more useful than the customized product list? “It’s also a web-based program,” said Vazquez, “you’re able to just go right to the website and utilize the tools that are there.”

item West Engineer Prajakta Sontakke explained how unique the program is, that it’s “not like any other computer program. You get all the options you need to create a wide range of models.” Her engineering teammate KJ Cocke explained its usefulness to production teams. She explained, “it allows them to create different material handling racks for different materials, panels, or the things around their shop without bogging down their internal engineering team.” Saving your engineering team’s time while increasing efficiency in the shop is an ideal situation.

Continued Ms. Cocke, “whether [your project] is a cart, a rack, or a desk, you can go through and pick the material that you want to use and it’ll auto-populate with the fasteners.” Saving you from a headache while ensuring the proper material and fastener match!
You’ve heard it from item Experts and from real customers. What can you accomplish when you take the power of digital engineering into your own hands and explore the Engineeringtool today?

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