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Listen Up: Podcasts for Women in STEM


If you search “engineering podcasts” in the iTunes Store, you can spend hours poring over the episode descriptions before settling on a series you think, or at least hope, will fit your interests. The Advancing Women Engineers team has compiled a list of our favorite Women in STEM podcasts to add to your playlist. Whether you’re commuting, at the gym, or listening in during your work day, we hope you’ll check them out and hit the subscribe button.

1. Femmes of STEM

Host Michelle Barboza-Ramirez takes advantage of this platform to retrace the steps of female scientists who have gone largely unacknowledged throughout history. Episodes cover esteemed, but generally unknown, scientists including Erin Winick, the mechanical engineer and founder of the Society of Women Engineers. “As an avid podcast listener, my first thought was to look for a podcast covering this topic, but there was none – so I decided to make it myself” said Barboza-Ramirez, herself a student of vertebrate paleontology and women’s studies.
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2. Superwomen in Science

Cordon Purcell and Nicole George “want our podcast to raise and support the voices of other women scientists, by highlighting a wide variety of scientific endeavors with personal stories of motivation and experiences in science.” By discussing the past, present, and future of women in science, and promoting underrepresented scientists. The goal of the podcast, as cited on their website , is to “increase exposure of women in science as motivation for young people entering scientific fields.”
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3. STEMxm: The STEM Career Podcast

The host of STEMxm, Mel Butcher, is someone who found her engineering career later in life. After remarking at how few women were present in her classes, the STEMxm podcast began as an idea “about helping young people learn about career paths in [STEM].” As AWE has pushed before, Ms. Butcher recognized that part of the gender gap in STEM is due to a lack of role models. STEMxm was created in order to help meet that need, showcasing women and minorities as role models for young, potential engineers.
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4. SWE Podcasts

SWE, the Society of Women Engineers, has created a podcast program focusing on outstanding women in Engineering and further closing the gender gap in that field from different approaches. The first features prominent female executives in engineering talk about their career paths and their respective journeys to becoming successful leaders in their organizations. The second features men who are working to promote the advancement of women in engineering and technology through allyship.
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5. Women Tech Charge
Hosted by Dr. Anne-Marrie Imafidon, the CEO of, this podcast features incredible women revolutionizing our lives through technology. From connecting new mothers, protecting the UK from cyber-attacks, or the best tech ways to plan a night out, these candid conversations with inventors and entrepreneurs aim to feature the inspiring and funny sides of working in tech.
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