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Nadia Angulo’s Fix-It Attitude



Nadia Angulo, Continuous Improvement Manager at Vertiv, used to aspire to become a doctor. Her books, play kit, and more filled her time and dreams with goals of helping others. In her own words, “I was always a girl who wanted to fix things. If something broke down, I liked to fix it or I was always curious to put things together. I used to play dolls, but I preferred designing the doll’s house. That was my game, creating things, and it’s reflected in what I do today.

Nadia’s father’s job as an engineer seemed interesting to her, especially the travel component of the career. Her interest was compounded after her older sister followed his footsteps and became an engineer as well. So, Nadia followed her heart and tackled the obstacles thrown her way as a woman in engineering.

The AWE team was fortunate enough to (virtually) sit down with Nadia, and in the video below you can learn more about the obstacles she faced in education and her career thus far. How will you adapt the same ‘fix-it’ attitude while pursuing your own or supporting someone else’s engineering career? Nadia’s principles can be adapted no matter what stage of your career – or education – you’re in. Tune in now!

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