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Omega Torres

Sales Engineer Encourages Others to Embrace Every Learning Experience


Omega Torres, a sales engineer for Nexon Automation, has always known she wanted to enter into the engineering field due to her love of science, math and the productive process.

“I started in internal sales and have worked in several positions before getting to sales engineering,” she said. Torres credits her achievements to the goals that were set for her during the different positions she worked in, as well as the fact that her company is constantly training and updating to new technologies.

Her favorite thing about her current position is the high level of involvement she has in the automotive manufacturing process. “This is why I became interested in working here, because it is a company at the forefront of technology,” Torres said.

It is widely recognized that any and all successes typically come from a source of motivation. For Torres, she says her motivation stems from her “personal satisfaction of achieving and exceeding goals, besides overcoming obstacles that may arise.”

“I know that you cannot always win, but I believe that every experience brings learning,” she continued. Much like other women who have worked to become engineers, Torres recognizes that she has had many mentors who have helped her move her career forward. “In the engineering field, we women have similar experiences. There are many stereotypes that say this field is exclusively for men. However, it is up to us to demonstrate through effort and dedication that we can do the same, and even a better job than men,” she declared.

Her advice to those considering a career in engineering is to “go for it” as long as they have an interest in technology and innovation, because “we are continuously breaking down more stereotypes thanks to our work and perseverance.”

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